E Liquid Nicotine

Easily create your own e liquid and e juice!

Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers has made it even easier with our E-Liquid Nicotine to create your own E Liquid and EJuice. It only takes one step and a couple seconds to create your own premium ejuice. Simply add food grade flavoring to our E Liquid Nicotine and your E Liquid and Ejuice is ready to be vaped! Hundreds of flavors can be found online that can be used to make ejuice. Combining and adding different flavors together make potential e liquid flavors truly endless. LNW is not affiliated with any flavor companies, but several of our clients speak very highly of Capella and The Flavor Apprentice. Everyones taste buds are different but, on average, 20% flavoring added to the E Liquid Nicotine makes the ideal ejuice. Each flavor is a little different so this ratio is going to change slightly but 20% is good rule of thumb.

Our E Liquid Nicotine is available in 3 different options : 100% Propylene Glycol, 100% Vegetable Glycerin, and 50% Propylene Glycol / 50% Vegetable Glycerin. 100% Propylene Glycol makes a thin e liquid that is great to use in tanks and it provides a great throat hit.  100% Vegetable Glycerin makes a very thick e liquid that needs to be used in a drip setup to vape, but provides an enormous cloud of vapor. 50% Propylene Glycol and 50% Vegetable Glycerin is how most e liquids and ejuices are made, and it provides a great throat hit as well as a large cloud of vapor.

LNW supplies 0mg/mL, 6mg/mL, 12mg/mL and 18mg/mL and 24mg/mL unflavored e liquid nicotine for Ecig liquid and electronic cigarette refills. LNW uses the finest quality ingredients to create the best Liquid Nicotine. LNW’s e liquid nicotine is extracted from tobacco leaves in an FDA registered facility. We use the highest quality Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, which are USP Food Grade and Kosher, to blend with the nicotine liquid in order to create the proper concentrations. Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers is working hard to stay ahead of the curve with FDA regulations to ensure that our products, and your company will remain in business throughout any regulations that come into place.


0mg E Liquid Nicotine Base | DIY Eliquid – Just Add Flavor!


6mg E Liquid Nicotine Base | DIY Eliquid – Just Add Flavor!



12mg E Liquid Nicotine Base | DIY Eliquid – Just Add Flavor!




18mg E Liquid Nicotine Base | DIY Eliquid – Just Add Flavor!



24mg E Liquid Nicotine Base | DIY Eliquid – Just Add Flavor!