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Flavorah (FLV)

Flavorah (FLV)


Flavorah provides super concentrated flavoring specifically made for commercial and DIY eliquid manufacturing. Flavorah is distinct from other flavorings because it made from the ground up for vapor It is made from the ground up to be more concentrated, mix well and not need nicotine.

Flavorah Flavors are made from the ground up to be more concentrated for use in Ejuice.

  • More potency per dollar. Some Flavorah flavors are 20x stronger but only a couple dollars more.
  • Use less flavor for the same recipe in order to maintain control of PG:VG ratio.
  • DIY beginners can make big clouds with great flavor at max VG.

Because Flavor Concentrates are made from the ground up for vapor, most Flavorah flavors can be used stand-alone. When mixed they provide a complex and satisfying vapor experience. Flavorah's flavor notes are created for vapor so anyone can achieve outstanding DIY results even if its your first time mixing.

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