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Cheat Day Gooey Krisp

Gooey Krisp

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An extra gooey rice crispy treat

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Enjoy the sweet sensations of yummy rice crispy treats with this premium vape juice from Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers. Gooey Crisp E-Liquid has the distinctive flavor profile consisting of a marvelous marshmallow mixture with the crisp, crunchy exhale of your favorite rice cereal. This premium e-liquid is truly one of a kind and almost impossible for DIY e-juice mixologists to make on their own.

We have spent many long hours in the lab perfecting our deluxe rice crispy treat blend, and its mouthwatering flavor is simply addictive. Take one vape of our Gooey Crisp E-Liquid, and relive fond memories of coming home from school to a cool glass of milk and a plate of homemade rice crispy snacks just like mother used to make.

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