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Whipped E-Liquid - Rainbow Sherbet

Rainbow Sherbet

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A bowl of juicy orange, sweet raspberry, and tart lime ice cream!

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For the icy, sweet taste of a big bowl of rainbow sherbet, this premium vape juice never disappoints. It’s irresistible blend of juicy orange, ripe raspberry, and tart lime sherbets is pre-blended to perfection. It’s ready to load into your favorite vape mod to enjoy the sweet summer sensations of rainbow sherbet any time that you like!

While Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers specializes in offering a complete line of ingredients and supplies needed to make your own DIY e-liquid, our line of designer vapes simply can’t be beat. Our team of expert e-juice mixologists loves experimenting with unique flavor combinations, and our Rainbow E-Liquid is perhaps the best e-juice choice for an everyday vape that’s both sweet and sour.

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