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Root Beer Float E Cigarette Nicotine

Root Beer Float E-Liquid

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Why wait for summer when you can enjoy the great taste of a super-rich root beer float in this premium vape juice? Imagine a frosty, cold mug of A & W root beer topped with two dollops of velvety smooth vanilla ice cream. This Root Beer Float E-Liquid from Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers tastes like an old-fashioned ice cream beverage straight out of a 1950s soda shop!

Even for the most experienced DIY e-liquid mixologists, creating a premium e-juice with this one-of-a-kind flavor combination can be a nearly impossible task. Luckily, our team of expert e-liquid inventors from Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers has already created the best e-juice imaginable that tastes like an old-fashioned root beer float made with real, homemade, vanilla ice cream.