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Tongue Slap Sour Sauce

Sour Sauce

A handful of juicy sour lemon heads!


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For the luscious taste of those popular lemon head candies in a sweet, tasty vape, Sour Sauce E-Liquid is truly out of this world delicious. It’s unique flavor profile is a delicate mixture that’s both sweet and sour, delivering a provocative punch of lemoniness with each and every vape.

Instead of attempting to create a DIY e-juice with such a distinctive flavor profile, our team of expert e-juice mixologists provides a complete line of pre-made premium e-liquids to enhance your vaping routine. And Sour Sauce E-Liquid from Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers is one of the most popular because of its sugary sweet tastiness that reminds you of your favorite lemon head candies. It’s irresistibly addictive.