Warning: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Steeping E-Juice

To steep or not to steep your E-Liquid?steeping e-juice

This is a question you ask yourself every time you finish making a new e-liquid recipe, right? I know it is hard, you just badly want to know if it is a masterpiece or even vape-able. Steeping is much like letting wine age. Intricate reactions between the components are what modify the complexity of your juice.

What is steeping e-juice?

Steeping is the process that allows the separate ingredients of e-juice to absorb oxygen and bond together. Simply put, by introducing your e-liquid to oxygen it allows the volatile components to evaporate away. This removes any harshness or perfumey flavor that you taste in fresh e-liquid. By steeping your e-liquid it will soften and round out, giving it a deeper and smoother flavor profile, which is what you are looking for, right?

Do I have to steep my liquids?

The simple answer is no. The purpose of steeping is to improve the flavor of your juice. If you already like your juice there is no need to steep. What’s to wait for! However, if you are making your own e-liquid, steeping will tend to change the flavor of your juice for the better. It is important to note that some flavors need to be steeped more than others. Fruity flavors tend to be ready to vape right away with little to no steep time. Tobacco and dessert flavors are more complex, therefore need time to intricately react with the other components. Time is very important for looking for a creamy taste. How much time? A general rule of thumb for the rich and creamy flavors is to let the vape juice sit and steep for at least two weeks.

Different ways to steep E-liquid


Breathing is the preferred method to steep your e-liquid. If you are finding your liquids to be potent, harsh, or chemically tasting, this method can vastly improve your e-liquid. It is done by simply removing the cap and storing it in a cool dark area. Simple, right? Leaving the cap off will let the volatile parts vaporize away. Many important ingredients used in e-liquid flavoring such as alcohol need time to diminish. Fruity flavors can be ready as soon as 24 hours while tobacco and dessert flavors need at least 14 days.

Warm Bath (speed steep)

A warm bath is a safe way to speed up the steeping process. Simply heat up a small saucepan of water on the stove. Once warm, turn off the stove. Make sure your e-liquid is tightly closed and place your e-liquid in the water. Cover the pan and wait for 20 minutes. Then remove your e-liquid, shake your liquid vigorously. Then remove the cap and let sit for another 10 minutes. Repeat these steps until you have reached your desired results.

Crockpot (super speed steep)

This method can be used for the inpatient or last resort. A slow cooker can be used for 2-8 hours to steep e-liquids that are more stubborn and need more steep time such as tobacco and dessert flavors. Place a few cups of water in the crockpot and set your crockpot on LOW. For this method, you must use glass bottles. If your solution contains nicotine it is very important not to get the liquid too hot. Nicotine is heat sensitive and when it is heated too high, nicotine can diminish and even harshen. Do not exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This steeping method is not highly recommended because it can actually hurt the taste in the long run. Introducing your liquid to heat for long durations will shorten the shelf life of your e-liquid. While it may taste great right after, many people have found that the flavor disappears a few weeks after this process.

What do I need to steep my e-liquid?

Steeping is best done using glass bottles. Click here to see our selection of e liquid bottles.


Steeping e -juice is not for everyone but it is highly recommended to get the best flavor out of your e-liquid. This gives your fresh blend an honest chance to be its best. Every flavor is different. Have fun with it, experiment with your own methods.