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Pure Unflavored USP Nicotine Liquid | Wholesale E Liquid Nicotine Base | DIY E Liquid and Vapor Supplies

Welcome to Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers. LNW is a USA Supplier and Wholesaler of pure Liquid Nicotine for E-Liquid and E-Juice. LNW focuses entirely on being an industry leading Bulk USP Liquid Nicotine Supplier. By focusing solely on liquid nicotine, dilution bases and flavored e-liquid, we have become industry experts — producing high-quality products that result in a fulfilling vaping experience.

At LNW, we take quality seriously. Every batch of liquid nicotine is laboratory tested in the USA and is required to meet USP standards. Our commitment to the quality of our liquid nicotine has helped us develop our industry-leading reputation. With no exceptions, we only use Pure USP Nicotine LiquidPropylene Glycol USP Kosher, and Vegetable Glycerin USP Kosher in our products. Buy our wholesale Liquid Nicotine and flavoring to easily create flavorful e-liquid for a great vaping experience.  

About Our Liquid Nicotine

Our liquid nicotine is naturally derived from tobacco leaves, not synthetically produced or illegally imported. After the extraction process, laboratory technicians test the purity of the nicotine on a GC/MS. The test results are analyzed, and if the purity of the nicotine is 99.9% or higher and it meets USP standards, the nicotine is given a batch number, and the results are compiled to make the Certificate of Analysis. A Certificate of Analysis is included in the package with every liquid nicotine order. Our consistency and quality makes our E-Liquid manufacturers  rise above the competition. Custom concentrations and base dilutions are available to fit every company’s needs. 

Liquid nicotine is available in a variety of strengths based upon your nicotine preferences. The Concentrations and base dilutions in your liquid nicotine can be customized to fit your needs. Created from the purest ingredients and highest- quality  tobacco, our liquid nicotine is used to make the best e-juice  for retailers and DIY e-juice enthusiast. 

Get a great vaping experience with our liquid nicotine. Contact us today to learn more about our sizes and concentrations of liquid nicotine available!

All products on this website must be purchased by persons of the legal smoking age.