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100mg Nicotine Salts - Nic Salts

100mg Nicotine Salts

Pre-Blended Liquid Solution

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Nicotine salts e-liquid is a rather new trend in vaping, and Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers offers vape juice manufacturers and mixologists everything you need to join the party. With a wide range of nicotine concentrations readily available at rock bottom prices, our top-shelf nic salts are pre-blended to precision with our very own, pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol (PG) and/or Vegetable Glycerin solutions. Each of our nicotine salts products are naturally extracted and flavorless, which means that you never need to worry about possible mutations to your flavor combinations. Meanwhile, you enjoy a smooth, more enjoyable vaping experience without the overly harsh throat hit.

Premium quality nicotine salts can be the perfect substitute for conventional “freebase” liquid nicotine, especially when manufacturing e-liquids with higher nicotine concentrations. Nic salts tend to be less volatile during the mixing process. Meanwhile, the finished product provides vapers with a smooth and unmuted experience. They can satisfy their nicotine cravings much faster, more intensity, too.

Beginner vapers tend to find nicotine salts vape juice more enjoyable because the vaping experience more closely resembles that of smoking a real tobacco cigarette. Mouth-to-lung vapers and cloud chasers love nicotine salts e-liquid, too, but locating a quality vendor can prove rather challenging. For the manufacturing of high-quality nic salts vape juice at affordable prices, Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers offers fast delivery right to your doorstep. Please be aware that our 100mg nicotine salts require further dilution before use.