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Vegetable Glycerin USP Kosher

Palm Based - USP Kosher

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Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers takes tremendous pride in offering pure Vegetable Glycerin (VG) of the highest possible quality for the manufacturing a premium grade DIY e-liquid. At a price that is easy on the wallet, even a first-time e-juice mixologist can unleash their creativity by designing their very first e-juice “secret recipe.” By combining the worlds of science and technology, our team of e-liquid experts is forever striving for the continued advancement of the global vaping industry. As a result, each of our vape juice ingredients is guaranteed to meet or exceed USP standards of compliance.

USP Vegetable Glycerin is a thick, rich substance used in the manufacturing of e-liquid and other very common foods. Unlike the tasteless Propylene Glycol solutions, VG has a slightly sweet flavor. It also provides a dual-purpose for the creation of the most successful vape juice lines. Its first function is to ensure that the other ingredients of liquid nicotine extracts and individual flavorings are consistently blended throughout the entire mixture. But perhaps the more important characteristic of Vegetable Glycerin USP grade solutions is its remarkable cloud producing capabilities. If you want to design a DIY e-liquid that cloud chasers will simply love, then cutting corners in the purchasing of your USP Vegetable Glycerin is never an option.

As the leading supplier of DIY vape juice ingredients worldwide, Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers provides e-juice mixologists with Kosher Vegetable Glycerin food grade solutions that are safe, pure, and USP compliant. All VG products are delivered right to your doorstep in HDPE or PET compliant containers, which eliminates potential risks of environmental degradation, contamination, or damage during the shipping process. Upon delivery, Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers recommends that our pure Vegetable Glycerin solutions be immediately stored in a secure location out of reach of small children and at room temperature.

For those who are new to the DIY e-liquid industry, you are probably already well aware that most vape juices contain both Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin food grade solutions. What you may not know is that the percentages of each ingredient within the e-juice mixture can vary a great deal. The fun about creating your own e-liquid recipes is in experimenting with the different ratios to strike the perfect balance. By adding more USP Vegetable Glycerin, the final recipe will likely produce with more robust cloud production capabilities with a slightly sweeter taste. Adding less VG solution tends to produce the opposite effects.

Commercial e-liquid manufacturers often spend countless hours in the laboratory trying to strike the perfect balance of pure Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. After all of this time, energy, and money spent in the lab, why would any mixologist choose to buy an inferior VG solution that could easily mutate and distort their precisely designed e-liquid recipe? At Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers, our USP Vegetable Glycerin solutions undergo a meticulous testing and verification process to maintain a consistent level of quality, purity, and uniformity that is simply unmatched.

For both veteran and aspiring e-liquid mixologists, Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers is the One-Stop-Shop for all of your DIY vape juice needs. From Vegetable Glycerin USP grade solutions to liquid nicotine extract in a variety of concentrations, we offer the full range of ingredients and supplies at wholesale prices – right down to those little, glass bottles with child-resistant caps!